• Deep Purple Dance

    P20 / 3.5ltr. P23 / 5ltr.
    Hoogte van de plant
    25-30 cm. 30/40 cm.
    Aantal knoppen/bloemen
    4-5 knop/bloem 6-10 knop/bloem
    Aantal planten per CC laag
    21 17
    Aantal planten per CC
    84 68
    week 18 t/m 28 week 18 t/m 37
    800 800

    Very dark purple flowering Hydrangea. The flowers show a deep purple colour for a long period of time, that makes the Deep Purple® an eyecatching Hydrangea. Winner of the gold medal at Plantarium 2014.

    Music Collection® is a special selection of Hydrangeas with a very long flowering period. Eight different abundantly flowering types, each with its own deep timbre. Together they form the music piece of the garden or terrace.

    Advantages Music Collection®:

    • New specially selected varieties
    • Very long flowering period
    • Very deep colours
    • Full and rich flowering
    • Strong branches
    • Bloom on one-year wood
    • Disease-free